This 3D porn game will open up a naughty virtual world in which you can get lost for hours and enjoy the most intense interactive sex experiences available in adult gaming.

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With so many characters to choose from and with so many customization options, each player will enjoy unique characters. Besides sexy women, we’ve also added hot aliens, mythical hotties and even some anthro furry babes.

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In FuckGamer you will get to explore a huge map, filled with locations where you can experience different fantasies, scenarios and sexual partners. Explore every single location and discover all the Easter Eggs we added to the game!

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Our team of passionate developers worked tirelessly to create the ultimate adult game engine which will radically change the gameplay experience for every player. Versatile and reliable, this engine will offer you a unique and realistic experience while playing the game.

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FuckGamer – The Champion Amongst The Best Porn Games

When we started this project, our main goal was to create the ultimate realistic adult gaming universe, where all your fantasies can come true. Our team has valuable members with experience in animated porn, online sex games graphic design and adult scenarios. Together we managed to create FuckGamer, a new and improved game that sits on the shoulders of giants. Some of our valuable developers have worked in the past on games such as War Thunder, Path of Exile or Destiny 2. Now they joined this project that they created the next-gen title of the adult gaming world. And the best part about it is the fact that we managed to fund our project from third party sources, so that we can offer the entire experience for free, to any xxx games player who is naughty enough to joint he fun.

Further down the road, we want to fund our project with your help, but only if you want to support our mission. We put at your disposal a series of microtransactions which are completely optional. We strongly disagree with pay-to-win or pay-to-advance methods. The microtransactions in FuckGamer are strictly limited to skins and character features. You can buy voiceover packs for dirty talk and you can unlock special characters, modeled after some of the hottest celebrities and the most popular porn stars of the moment. Keep an eye on the game to find out about our latest patch additions in the game and maybe your celebrity crush will be included in it.

The Most Versatile Game Of The Moment

The problem with most browser-based porn games for PC and Mobile is that they work perfectly on one device and one browser, and then they crush and bug on any other platforms. Thanks to an active community, we could identify any issues with running the games in a cross-platform manner. Right now, you can play the game with absolutely no issues on both Mac and PC, but also on any mobile device that runs on Android or iOS, as long as you can run Safari, Chrome or Mozilla on them. In the eventuality that you find any issue with your mobile gaming experience, we put a flag button at your disposal and our team of programmers will quickly solve the bug. But we are confident that no such thing will happen in 99% of the cases.

Customization Is What Sets Us Apart

Ever since the first online sex games have popped up on the internet, all that fans wanted is to customize their characters. That became a reality in the past five years, with most of the games letting you enhance the forms of your characters and change things about their hair style and color, add tattoos and select from several available outfits. At FuckGamer we take things a step forward. We are proud to say that our customization options are more complex than the ones you get in World of Warcraft or The Witcher. Create your characters based on your own taste and fantasies. The fact that you can recreate any character you want makes this game such a useful tool for recreating any fantasy. We have a large fan base of family sex simulator players who are enjoying our game and there are also many celebrity fetishists who are having fun on our platform.

Join The FuckGamer Community

The best free sex games always gather an active community around them and we make no exception. We put two main platforms at the disposal of our players where they can get together and discuss both on the topic of the game and on any other subject they wish. Because we run a true community of gamers, we do have a Discord server. But we also keep it old school and we run a forum. Both these platforms are active, with messages and online members every day. Usually, our discord server has between 50 and 200 online players, depending on the time of the day.

One Of The Only Real Multiplayer Free Adult Porn Games

There are so many schemes in the world of adult gaming. So many titles out there are advertising as multiplayer games, while in reality they simulate all the other players. Although we started this project as a single player porn simulator, because we gather such a sizable active community, we decided to venture into creating a multiplayer feature for our platform. We’re still working on developing it, but we launched the beta version and you can enjoy an enhanced and more exciting gaming experience together with other players. Chat with other characters, interact with them in the open-world map and even have sex with other real players in the game. And unlike in the case of other sex games, you won’t need to upgrade your account for the multiplayer version.

This Isn’t Even The Final Form

Although we are far past the beta version of the game, we keep on improving FuckGamer. We come up with upgrades to the story and characters every two weeks. Basically, every month, there will be new scenarios, new kinks and new characters you can have fun with. We want to create a game that offers the ultimate porn emulator experience, featuring everything from solo play to BDSM and gang bangs. We dream that one day we will manage to offer this while experience in VR. And we promise that when that day will come, we will keep FuckGamer a porn game no credit card required and no hidden charges. If you play free adult games online, you will be amazed by what we managed to create in the past couple of years of hard work. We appreciate every message of support and every constructive feedback we get. Come join us and let your fantasies run wild in the FuckGamer universe!