FuckGamer is one of the most complex and up-to-date online browser games in the adult world. It looks like nothing you’ve ever played before. With dozens of characters and unlimited customization, each player will have a unique experience, fitted on their fantasies.

Playing FuckGamer is absolutely free. No hidden charges, no schemes, no data fraud. Just online adult gaming for free. As long as you’re over the age of 18, you’re welcomed to play the game as much as you want.

In some countries, the credit card is the only way through which we can verify your age. We do accept government issued IDs in some cases.

We’re not one of the many fake multiplayer games. We do offer a real multiplayer experience in some features of our title. Discover them and experiment with other players in real time.

Our game works on any device that can run Mozilla, Safari or Chrome, no matter if it is a tablet or a phone and no matter if it runs on iOS or Android.

We do believe in open source gaming and continuous improvement of our platform. If you have the skills and ideas to create spinoffs for FuckGamers, we’ll be waiting for you on our forum, where other gamers just like you are experimenting with their own version of our game.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a download option just yet. But if you want to play the game offline, all you need to do is open the game in your browser while connected to the internet and wait for the entire data to load. It will be saved in your device’s cache memory and you’ll be able to enjoy the gaming even after you disconnect from the internet.

The platform on which we offer the game is safe from any point of view. We run on an end-to-end HTTPS encryption, we don’t save your personal data and we don’t display any personal info to other players.

We do have a working client for Windows and Mac, but you can play the game directly into your browser with no installation or download required.